5 Things That You Can’t Miss at V @ Summerplace Exotic Food Party


Taste of Exquisite Foreign Delicacies · [email protected] Summerplace

Public Food Party organized by Connoisseur offers a variety of exotic dishes, such as Swiss Cheese, Italian Cheese Wheel Pasta, Fruit Soju & exclusively invited Botak Grilled Meat for a live meat grilling party! What’s more, there would also be Bread Eating Competition! Wanna know more about the challenge? Scroll below to find out more!

Highlight 1 : Raclette Cheese

Pretty sure that many of you had watched the recent video hype about Raclette Cheese! Always been wanting to try it? You can now get the golden opportunity to try it in JB and need not have to travel overseas to savour on it! Raclette Cheese is the Swiss’ favourite! It is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a bar and is commonly used for melting and best racier on potatoes! Such a luxurious savouring experience, would you like to give it a try?

raclette cheese 2
raclette cheese 3

Highlight 2 : Cheese Wheel Pasta

cheese wheel pasta 2

The Cheese Wheel Pasta is also the Italian’s traditional gourmet and a cheese wheel is a full round of Parmigiano-Reggiano partially hollowed into a bowl. It is usually stirred with pasta while it is piping hot and creates a rich and creamy textures!

Highlight 3 : Fruit Soju

watermelon soju 2

When speaking about Soju, many of you would relate it with Korean isn’t it, but our locals aren’t comfortable with the soju taste. However, it became seemingly popular when the Soju is mixed with fruits – Fruit Soju. Over here, they too provide fresh fruits in making the soju! It includes Watermelon Soju, Honeydew Soju and also Pineapple Soju!

honeydew soju
pineapple soju 2

Highlight 4 : BOTAK BBQ -Live BBQ Party

live bbq

The currently raving BOTAK BBQ street grilled meat is here on that day! Botak BBQ has been invited to showcase their superb grilling skills and brings you the best BBQ on the day!

Highlight 5 : Bread Eating Competition

bread eating competition

On the other hand, there will also be Bread Eating Competition! Participants who finished the most bread wins! Attractive prizes awaits you!

Exquisite Food Party :  V @ Summerplace

V @ Summerplace(Next to Bluewave Hotel)

3rd to 4th September 2016

11:00am ~ 10:00pm(3/9)

11:00am ~ 8:00pm(4/9)

Free Entry

07- 2210 210