10 Best Memories That Will Make You Miss School Times


Loving Those Random Memories in School · Remember When...

Often times, we are being told that we will miss school times when we step out to the society and it is really true. Don't you agree? Hanging out with old friends and saying "Remember When" is probably the best thing ever and you caught yourself smiling through the best memories. We all love that random memories that make us smile no matter what we are going through in life right now. Because, those moments will stay in your memory no matter where you are. Let's see if you agree with these points below!

#1 Milo Truck!

Milo Breakfast Day 2014 (5)

Probably without suspense, we all know that Milo Truck will be on the list for sure! Admit it, we get distracted when there is announcement that the Milo Truck is coming to school. We can't wait for our turn to get our cup of milo! It just taste better even though all milo tastes the same! Who else plays Scissors, paper, stone while queuing for your milo? It is the best time to chit-chat and play game as compared to recess isn't it!

#2 Canteen Snacks

feb.march 065

Does it make sense to you that you still miss your school canteen food even though you can simply get these food anywhere around you? Maybe, the best thing when it comes to recess time is getting your favorite snacks like RM 1 Ikan Lekor, Heart Shaped nuggets, Roti Jala, Karipap! For me, I still missed my school's spicy fried rice and ikan lekor despite that I have left school for quite some time. How about you?

#3 Being a School Prefects 

School Prefect Badan Pengawas Sekolah

Who else enjoyed the perks of being prefects during school times? Prefects get to go for recess 10 mins earlier, they get to ask you to keep quiet and jot your name when they "jaga kelas"! Maybe some of you still hold grudges on them when you get demerit points from them? But some of you love making friends with them because you enjoy some "perks" too!

#4 The Toilet Pass


Getting the "pass kebenaran keluar kelas" is like getting a train ticket to the places you wanna go! Some of us would ask for the pass just to carry books for your favorite teacher (in real fact you just want to get some fresh air out of the class!). And, if you don't hold your pass when you are out of the class to the toilet, you are doomed if you run into your disciplinary master. 

#5 Class Decoration


It is always a proud role to be Ketua Kebersihan or Ketua Kecantikan in class because when your class get the title of Cleanest Class Award of the week or Best Class Decor! Students come together to get their back board decorated with the best art works, best essays, hand works and even reading corner which we used to call it "Sudut Bacaan"!

#6 Hari Sukan

perbarisan ijo

Do you still remember your "Rumah Sukan" that you represent during school time? Mine was Blue in primary school and Green during high school! If you are not an athlete, you are probably representing your Rumah Sukan by joining the Perbarisan Kawad Kaki! That is like one of the proudest thing we could do for our team, walking with grace during the lintas hormat session. What else makes it memorable for your sports day? Getting really tanned under the scorching hot sun! 

#7 Hari Merdeka

maxresdefault (1)

"Kini gemilang itu Semakin pasti ku genggam", "Jalur Gemilang, di bawah naunganmu" Do you still remember singing these passionately during Hari Merdeka? Waving our Jalur Gemilang proudly and actively join different Hari Merdeka activities in school such as Merdeka theme drawing competition, class choir competition, essay writing and so on!

#8 Yearly Check Up


It is the time of the year where most of us dread leaving class and hope that our teacher will continue class as usual. Injection, body check up and dentist are what we fear most during school times! Even worst than examination. But that's what kept us actively healthy through our school times.

#9 Class Tools

math formulas on school blackboard education

The tallest person are often being called to clean the blackboard and write at the tallest part of the board. It is usually a privilege to be called up to the front to copy notes on behalf of their teachers! Also, many of us love drawing the blackboard with colorful chalks during recess time or our class teachers are not around. 


Uhm, are we relating this to.. Add Maths? Ya, some of us do. This is OHP where teachers project written notes onto the board and it is probably a cool thing to see during school times!

#10 Best Lepak Place


How many of you hangs out with friends after school to "Study" and have lunch before going for tuition? Maybe not all of you can relate but I believe that many of you had the best hangout place after school in City Square. We still see students in school uniforms walking around this nostalgic place. It is place we who born from JB would relate to 😉 Where is your best lepak place?