Heng Ah Huat Ah – Here’s What You Miss At Chingay 2016


Heng Ah Huat Ah - Here’s What You Miss Out At JB Chingay 2016

JB Chingay 2016 was held yesterday and I'm sure everyone's social media page is flooded with videos and photos from people who went there. Even the Mamak was flooded with people wearing the chingay shirt!

The chingay this year is the biggest in history with over 300,00 people attending! So what exactly did you miss from this 144th Chingay in Johor Bahru? Here's what you've missed out:

1. Shaking hands with Sultan of Johor!

Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar made a splash at the traditional Chingay procession. The crowd greeted Sultan with an energetic "Daulat Tuanku" as our Sultan arrive at the scene! Sultan proves to be a gracious leader, constantly smiling and waving to the crowd! The general public can even be seen with shaking hand with the Sultan!

2. Meeting the cast from Ola Bola!


You've heard it right! The cast from Ola Bola was here at Chingay 2016 and the crowd was cheering crazily for the cast! If you haven't watch the show, quickly catch it at your nearest cinema before they stop showing! Fantastic film, must watch!

3. Meeting DJ and artistes from One FM, NTV 7 and TV 8


Saw any of your favourite DJ or artistes? Well, you just miss the chance of meeting them.... Maybe next time?....

4. You also miss the "heng heng huat huat!"

May the "heng & huat" be ever in your favour!

5. Most of all, you miss the chance to experience it yourself!


There is nothing more surreal than to be surrounded by all the voices and the lighting. So make sure you're there for the 145th JB Chingay next year!

A big thank you to all the people who volunteer in this event and showcasing the best of Johor! And also a big shout out to people who stayed behind, making sure the place is clean!

Thank you guys!
Thank you guys!

Image: Internet