5 Wheeled Transport That You Own As A Kid


5 Wheeled Transport That You Own As A Kid

Throughout mankind, human has develop all kinds of vehicle to replace walking. And using some of this wheeled-transportation has become a leisure activity for many. As a kid growing up before computer games was popularized, I grew up riding my bicycle and running around the neighbourhood, it really brings back a lot of good memories. 

So let's find out if any of these things below stir up your memories?!


bicycle 4
bycicle 5

Progressing from a tricycle to a bicycle was a pretty tough transition (at least for me), I can't even remember how may times I've gotten myself injured either by falling into a drain or just going too fast.

Do you still remember being chased by a dog in the back alleys? Or just hanging out with your friends riding around the "taman" ?

2. Skateboard

skateboard 2

Around the year 2000, skateboard was extremely popular! Almost every boy that I knew has it! The thing that makes skateboarding cool is the design of one's skateboard. From designing your own skateboard (some even DIY their own?!) to getting a custom-made, people were crazy about skateboarding back then!

3. Scooter

razor 5
razor 4
razor 6

I guess everyone born before 2000s must have played this before, even if you don't own one! As the name suggest, it's just a non-motorised scooter. Anyone still has this thing in their home?!

4. Roller Shoe

roller 2
roller 3

A very popular kind of shoe for primary school kids during 2001 ~ 2004. It was like every kids' dream to own a pair of these roller shoe, some even comes with lighting on it. Well, for those of you who haven't seen one (quite unlikely), roller shoe is a kind of shoe with wheels protruding slightly from the heel, allowing the wearer to alternate between walking and rolling.

5. Hoverboard


Not exactly the hoverboard from the movie "Back To The Future", nevertheless hoverboard has manage to take over the social media realm with celebrities posting videos of them playing one of these. I had the opportunity to try one of these and it's pretty fun! Just be careful and don't go too fast!

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