Signs Unique To Malaysia


Signs Unique To Malaysia

In bolehland, we have all kinds of road sign and signboard, here are just some of the ones that we find interesting. Enjoy.

1. Fruit Stall

Fruit stall

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Do you know what fruit is depicted in the sign? My guess is coconut and starfruit.

2. Wild Animal


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Don't look for a deer that looks exactly like the one in the sign because you will not find a deer with horn in Malaysia! Malaysia only has mouse-deer or sang kancil and these deer doesn't has a horn. This is actually a universal sign for wild animal crossing.

3. Beware of snatch thief


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This is the truly "Malaysia" sign. If you think it's a hoax, well it's not! This "beware of snatch thief" sign can be found around Bangsar area in Kuala Lumpur. At least don't say they didn't tell you.....

4. What not to do in toilet 


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Please guys, use toilet properly okay? Your poop is already super stinky, don't make it worse!

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5. Sorry Double Park


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I know finding a parking can be difficult at times but at least have the courtesy of having a sign like this.... And please pick up your phone if you know you're double parking!

6. Waterfall


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No doubt, Malaysia can boast of its many waterfalls. Of course, we need to have this sign to tell the world: Look at our waterfall, jealous?

7. No kissing


Since the sign only depict first base, I assume second base, third base and home run are acceptable? If you know nothing about baseball, click here.

8. Ask for receipt


So does this mean that if I do haggle with the driver or the other way round, I can still request for a receipt? Maybe for GST purposes?

9. Put your hands up


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I think only Malaysia and Singapore have a sign like this. Well, just make sure you put your hands up when you're trespassing!

10. Death For Drug Traffickers


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Something that tourists fear most when travelling in Malaysia. But unless you're a drug trafficker, there's nothing to be afraid of!

11. No smoking sign (just joking)


Got sign equal no sign. Keep calm and carry on.

12. All too common dress code sign


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To be honest, I don't see anything "indecent" of the attire depicted on the right. But who am I to judge right? I'm no moral police.

Any more unique Malaysian sign? Show us below!


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