6 Unforgettable Wedding Experience


6 Unforgettable Wedding Experience

When church wedding is too mainstream.... Here's some ideas for an unforgettable wedding experience which can be done around Johor Bahru! 

1. Garden Wedding

garden wedding

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Who says garden wedding can't be done in Malaysia?! Garden wedding has become more and more popular among Malaysians. It's almost every girl's dream to get married in a lush green garden. Among the few places that can host garden wedding around Johor Bahru are Austin Height Golf Resort and Pulai Springs Resort.

2. Beach Wedding

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Another popular wedding scene we often saw in Hollywood movie is the beach wedding scene. But this can also happen to you in real life! Beach wedding can now be conducted in almost all the resorts in Desaru, a mere 45 minutes from Johor Bahru.

3. Back to School Wedding


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This seems like a crazy idea! But what if you met your fiance during your school years? Holding wedding reception in the school hall has always been a common affair. But what about a wedding with a school theme?! Recently, there was even a wedding photo shoot in Foon Yew High School itself.

4. Underwater Wedding aka scuba wedding


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Wedding like this just brought coolness to a whole new level. I guess people who actually go for wedding like this mainly because the couple met while diving?? Underwater wedding also meant that you will have fewer guest because all your guests will need to go underwater, even the minister that marry you will need to go wet! Just head to any dive centers and ask for more details.

p/s: Sorry great-grand aunt, you'll need to get wet to see me get wed!

5. Funfair Wedding


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If you're looking for a fun wedding, you really can't go wrong with this funfair themed wedding! Just grab a hot dog or a bottle of coke and you're ready to get wed. LOL

I really have no idea how the arrangement goes but can try asking any amusement park or even Legoland if they can accommodate any wedding ceremony.

6. Zoo Wedding


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This is as exotic as you can get. With lion howling in the background, there's really nothing to beat this! Perhaps you can consider Johor Zoo once it moves to the new location at Iskandar Puteri (Nusajaya).

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If you're looking for a vocalist or musician for your wedding reception, you should definitely check out Melissa Yap. She was honored the 'Rock Star Award 2013' for obtaining the highest (Vocals Grade 8) score in Malaysia's Southern Region. Also check out her Youtube channel to know more.